The Investment War with China, Part II: Assessing American Pressure

Jean-Marc F. Blanchard
Publication Date: 
January 3rd, 2020

This publication is part II of a three-part series examining the United States (US) investment war against China. It focuses on the US war against Chinese outward foreign direct investment (OFDI), particularly US actions to limit Chinese OFDI in the US, US measures to undercut COFDI in other countries, and Washington’s efforts to undermine China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It provides background on US legal, regulatory, policy, and rhetorical measures, among others, in these areas, and describes the factors motivating US policy. In line with part I, it assesses the political and economic advantages and disadvantages of US initiatives, stressing that we should judge US measures against COFDI in the US, COFDI abroad, and BRI COFDI separately because of their unique features. The piece originally appeared Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, “The Investment War with China, Part II: Assessing American Pressure,” The Diplomat, January 3, 2020, Copyright remains with the original holder.