Research Associates, Assistants, and Interns

Research Associates (in alphabetical order)

Chaitanya Pasupala. Chaitanya currently is pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from University of San Francisco and is a 2023 Mcgrath Graduate Fellow. He previously worked in India in the transportation sector and has extensive experience in managing raiload operations. Prior to that he worked in the ICT sector. Chaitanya has a strong interest in international economics, East Asia, and policy analysis. He also has a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Antonia Urovsky. After living in Asia for two years, Antonia is now pursuing a dual masters degree in Asia Pacific Studies and Business Administration at the University of San Francisco (USF) (California, USA). She is a trained financial consultant and specializes in investment strategy in Southeast Asia. Antonia is a current Asia Bridge Graduate Fellow at the USF where she researches the political economy of China. She speaks Mandarin at an HSK 4 level.

Research Assistants (in alphabetical order)