Upcoming Events

The 17th East Asian Economic Association (EAEA) International Convention (Kuala Lumpur)
The East Asian Economic Association International Convention 2022 is an academically- and policy-focused conference focusing on the economics of East Asia and the Pacific. At this event, participants will present research addressing a wide range of... Read more
2022 ULI Asia Pacific Summit (Hong Kong)
The 2022 summit represents the 10th edition of this leading summit. Themes to be covered include the rise of alternative asset classes, new techniques to assess housing needs as well as novel techniques for addressing housing needs, the linkages of... Read more
Energy and Mines Australia Summit (Perth)
The Energy and Mines Australia Summit returns to Perth for the 6th edition in one of the world’s most dynamic markets for renewable energy, electrification, and decarbonization in mining. The event will feature discussions by corporate and industry... Read more
FIDIC Global Infrastructure Conference 2022 (Geneva)
The theme of the 2022 FIDIC Global Infrastructure Conference is “building a better tomorrow, by investing today: Sustainable infrastructure development to improve community wellbeing.” Issues that will be discussed at the conference include... Read more
SuperReturn Asia Conference (Singapore)
SuperReturn Asia is one of the leading private equity and venture capital conferences in Asia. It focuses on technology, LP/GP relations, net-zero, geopolitics, portfolio construction, and secondaries. General issues that will be discussed... Read more
Asia Pacific Petroleum Conference (Singapore)
The Asia Pacific Petroleum Conference (APPEC) is a prestigious event covering global energy markets. Topics that will be covered at the 2022 APPEC include geopolitics, the implications of evolving supply chains, planning for disruptive events like... Read more
SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (Adelaide, Australia)
The Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (APOGCE) is the premier upstream technology event in the Asia Pacific region. Its theme is “leading a sustainable future of accessible and responsible energy.” Speakers will discuss... Read more
Global AgInvesting Asia (Tokyo, Japan)
The Global AgInvesting conference host attendees from the agricultural industry and the government. Tokyo serves as a suitable venue because Japanese institutional investors are aiming to expand their investments in food and agriculture, partly... Read more
China Global Investment Forum 2022 (Virtual)
The China Global Investment Forum discusses overseas investment and related political economy issues. Themes covered at past events have included overseas investment strategies, ESG integration, the impact of technological innovation on investments... Read more
Green Economy Forum & Exhibition 2022 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
The Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE) 2022 offers a platform to bring green European innovation and sustainable solutions and technology to Vietnam to support the latter in reaching its net-zero goals. European Union (EU) and Vietnam... Read more
Nov to Dec
Mines and Money London
The theme of this year’s Mines and Money London is “Resourcing Tomorrow.” The event will cover themes such the energy transition, ESG, sustainability, and the circular economy. It is an ideal time to address these and related issues given the... Read more
2022 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (Singapore, Hybrid)
The 2022 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics and Finance (APEF 2022) will address a multitude of economic and finance related themes including business ethics, business and economics, economic development, economic policy, global business,... Read more