Upcoming Events

Future Energy Asia (Bangkok)
Endorsed by the Thai Ministry of Energy, Department of Industry, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, Future Energy Asia, will assemble over 7000 professionals, industry leaders, and decision makers from more... Read more
Opportunities in Southeast Asia’s Growth Story (Philippines)
This two-day conference offers participants opportunities to expand their business footprint and regional cooperation. Its sessions will tackle the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) partnership in economic reform, regional stability,... Read more
Asia Pacific Energy Assembly (Singapore)
The Asia Pacific Energy Assembly brings together senior executives, producers, buyers, innovators, financing institutions, and law firms to discuss thought leadership, business development, deal flow, strategy and investment for the oil and gas... Read more
8th Annual Asia Pacific Energy Assembly (Singapore)
The Asia Pacific Energy Assembly is the most influential finance and investment meeting for the Asian energy sector. It gathers experts, international organizations, and C-level attendees to discuss industry challenges, find solutions, and identify... Read more
Mining Investment Asia (Singapore)
This is the 6th edition of Mining Investment Asia, the leading mining investment, capital raising, and technology conference in Southeast Asia. It gathers the heads of mining companies, representatives from regional executive authorities,... Read more
3rd Annual Electric Vehicles Asia Summit 2020 (Singapore)
Electric vehicles (EV) are fast becoming the future for Asia’s public and private transport as leading regional players such as China, South Korea, and Singapore increasing look to deploy EVs to reduce energy consumption and improve the environment... Read more
ASEAN Wind Energy 2020 (Vietnam)
ASEAN Wind Energy 2020 provides a platform for government officials, asset owners, developers, and investors to anticipate and manage trends in the regional wind energy market as well as profit from potential partnership opportunities. Themes that... Read more
Mar to Apr
Mines and Money Asia 2020 (Hong Kong)
Mines and Money Asia 2020 brings together investors, government officials, mining company representatives, and distinguished speakers from all over the world for two days of networking, learning, and deal-making. Sessions will cover a wide range of... Read more
2nd e-Mobility Asia (Bangkok)
The 2nd e-Mobility Asia will explore a wide range of relevant topics related to the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) in Asia. Focusing on the theme of “Boosting Electric Mobility in Tandem with Circular Economy,” speakers and attendees will... Read more
Risk ASEAN (Bangkok)
Risk ASEAN provides a platform for regulators and senior risk and investment professionals from regional and global financial institutions to understand managing risks across multiple sectors, to analyze the impact of regulatory reforms, and to... Read more