The Investment War with China, Part I

Jean-Marc F. Blanchard
Publication Date: 
October 18th, 2019

This piece is part I of a three-piece series examining the United States (US) investment war against China, which consists of three aspects: constraining American foreign direct investment (FDI) flows into China, hindering Chinese outward FDI (OFDI), and action against Chinese companies listed or contemplating listings on US stock markets. This Op-Ed considers the political and economic benefits as well as costs of taking action to delist Chinese stocks. It sees clear economic costs, limited economic benefits, real political costs, and limited political gains, all of which argues for some clear thinking about the merits of a delisting policy. The piece originally appeared Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, “The Investment War with China, Part I,” The Diplomat, October 18, 2019, Copyright remains with the original holder.