ASEAN Investment Horizons: Key Industries for AEC 2015

Dezan Shira & Associates
Publication Date: 
September 1st, 2014

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been high on the watchlist of foreign investors, especially against the backdrop of China’s declining competitiveness. But with upwards of $US1.5 trillion in trade flowing through the region annually and a combined GDP of nearly US$2.5 trillion, deciding how and where to bring one's business into ASEAN can be a bewildering exercise. In this issue of Asia Briefing, Dezan Shira & Associates forecasts the effects of ASEAN Economic Community on foreign investment into the region in the lead up to 2015. Following this, it highlights what is happening in some of ASEAN’s hottest industries for investment, including electronics, information and communications technology, textiles and medical devices. Lastly, it examines the growing potential of bilateral trade between ASEAN and India in light of recent historic developments in the latter.

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