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Top Ten PRC Non-Financial Companies by Assets (2015, 2020, 2022)
Top Ten PRC Non-Financial firms by Assets, 2015, 2020, 2022
Annual Chinese Outward FDI Seemingly Plummeting since 2017
Japan and Korea long have been Vietnam's dominant FDI sources
Japanese FDI Flows to Southeast Asian Countries Not Reaching Old Highs
China-Japan FDI flows seem little correlated with other economic flows
U.S. FDI in China continues to Increase in the Aggregate and in Most Sectors
China is Myanmar's Largest Foreign Investor, 2005-2013
Japan is India's leading East Asian Foreign Investor, 2005-2012
FDI in China, 2005-2012: Ex Hong Kong and Tax Havens, Japan Predominates
Foreign Investment in China from 2005-2012: Hong Kong and Tax Havens Dominate
Japan dominates East Asian FDI in Australia
US FDI in China
Plateauing US FDI in China?