Your Investment, Our Economy

Francois Godemont, editor
Publication Date: 
January 28th, 2015

This latest edition of China Analysis, “Your investment, our economy”, edited by François Godement, focuses on some of recent aspects of China’s economic reforms. It addresses three key questions about China’s economy: Is President Xi Jinping’s hold over China’s one party state helping or hindering economic reforms? Have China’s economic achievements of the past made life for foreign investors much more difficult by tilting the economic playing field in favour of domestic companies? How vulnerable is the Chinese economy to a collapse caused by increasing domestic debt coinciding with a sudden economic slowdown. Topics tackled in the issue include a discussion of Chinese research on the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, coverage of Chinese treatments of China’s anti-monopoly law and its application, and a review of Chinese thinking about foreign direct investment (FDI). The conclusion of this edition of China Analysis is that foreign investors and their partners in China should understand that the real debate is not around the tension between liberalization and statist regulation but between those who support selective market reforms and the upholders of lucrative special interests who will argue against any change.

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