Latin America’s current socioeconomic relationship with China

Enrique Dussel Peters
Publication Date: 
June 5th, 2021

This chapter focuses on “globalization process with Chinese characteristics” since 2013 and the United States’ response to this challenge, under the heading of “great power competition” and specific initiatives and policies vis-á-vis China and Latin and American and the Caribbean (LAC). The first section of this chapter seeks to improve the quality of LAC–China analysis based on a thematic distinction of this relationship, also integrating explicitly existing research and proposals. The second section delves into the specific topic of China’s overseas foreign direct investments in LAC over the period 2000–2018 by country, sector, and firm, among other characteristics.

This piece originally appeared as Enrique Dussel Peters, “Latin America’s current socioeconomic relationship with China: Conditions and challenges: The case for China’s overseas foreign direct investment in Latin America,” In Thierry Kellner and Sophie Wintgens, eds., China-Latin America and the Caribbean, 26-43 (London: Routledge, 2021). Copyright remains with the original holder.