Covid-19 and the Consequences for Euro-Asian Business

Peter J. Buckley, OBE
Publication Date: 
July 1st, 2020

In this podcast, Wong MNC Center Senior Research Fellow Peter J. Buckley offers his thoughts about the impact of Covid-19 and other contemporary global developments on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which he views as a political-economic endeavor. Buckley feels Covid-19 will raise questions about certain BRI projects given all the other budgetary demands that have arisen and will lead to a new focus on other forms of connectivity like the health and digital silk roads. These shifts do not mean physical infrastructure will be shunned, but the viability and appeal of connectivity projects likely will receive closer scrutiny.

This podcast originally appeared in the Asia Observatory Podcast Series-How Resilient is Business and Management in Europe and Asia? Resilience Podcast #20-Belt and Road Initiative. It can be listened to at Copyright remains with the original holders.