China’s response to threats to its overseas economic interests: Softening non-interference and cultivating hegemony

Yizheng Zou and Lee Jones
Publication Date: 
January 1st, 2020

The overseas economic interests of Chinese firms have grown exponentially since 2000. Their interests are often threatened by poorly regulated investment practices and political risks in unstable host countries. This article aims to explore these risks to Chinese outward foreign direct investment (FDI) and how China is adapting to respond to them. A case study of Myanmar shows China has employed a dual strategy to deal with risks to its outward FDI (OFDI). On the one hand, it has softened its non-interference principle. On the other hands, it has sought out consent from social forces in Chinese OFDI host countries.

*****This publication originally appeared in Journal of Contemporary China, Vol. 29, No. 121 (2020), pp. 92-108. It is viewable at Copyright remains with the original holders.