Bibliometric Review on FDI Attractiveness Factors

Vanessa P.G. Bretas, Ilan Alon, Andrea Paltrinieri and Kavilash Chawla
Publication Date: 
January 31st, 2022

This article reviews the literature on the attractiveness of foreign direct investment (FDI) through bibliometric and content analysis. It combined co-citation, bibliographic coupling, and keyword co-occurrence time analysis with content analysis of the most cited articles by using the Bibliometrix R-package and VOSviewer software. A study of 499 articles extracted from the Web of Science database reveals five main research categories: FDI structure, market conditions, entry conditions, institutional framework, and resource availability. The article further provides a conceptual framework for FDI attractiveness factors that syncs with FDI motivations. The piece delves into key determinants and identifies directions for future research.

This publication originally appeared as Vanessa P.G. Bretas, Ilan Alon, Andrea Paltrinieri, and Kavilash Chawla, “Bibliometric review on FDI attractiveness factors,” European Journal of International Management, Vol. 17, No. 2/3 (2022), pp. 469-499. Copyright remains with the original holders.