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Silk Roads and Strings of Pearls: The Strategic Geography of China’s New Pathways in the Indian Ocean

David Brewster

Control over access to the Indian Ocean is often seen through a highly securitised lens. Strategic actors have long sought to use geographical constraints to maintain the region as a relatively enclosed strategic space. It has only a few narrow maritime entrance points and the littoral is not well connected to the interior of the Eurasian continent.

Probing China’s Twenty-First-Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI): An Examination of MSRI Narratives

Jean-Marc F. Blanchard

This article reviews the literature on China’s twenty-first-century Maritime Silk Road initiative (MSRI) to highlight the narratives surrounding it, its central features, its potential objectives, and the challenges affecting its implementation. It demonstrates that there are numerous political and economic narratives about the MSRI. It further indicates Beijing’s aims to use the MSRI to achieve manifold economic and political ends.

The Geopolitics of China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative

Jean-Marc F. Blanchard and Colin Flint

China’s “One Belt, One Road” project is comprised of two components: the Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI) and the Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB)—that were announced separately in 2013. Each component has the potential to transform the global geopolitical landscape through the construction of interrelated infrastructure projects including ports, highways, railways and pipelines.

Chinese Investment in Brazil: Can It Match the Relevance of Bilateral Trade?

José Augusto Guilhon Albuquerque and Luís Afonso Fernandes Lima

In this article we explore the political economy of Chinese outward foreign direct investment (COFDI) in Brazil, and the impact of investment and other economic links on Brazilian foreign policy toward China.

Not All Plain Sailing: Opportunities and Pitfalls for Chinese Investment in Peru

Benjamin H. Creutzfeldt

China has become a leading investor in Peru’s extractive sector over the past decade. In this article I discuss the impact of that investment on Peruvian foreign policy and build on interviews with senior executives of Chinese-owned corporations in Peru.

Chinese Investment in Mexico

Enrique Dussel Peters

Public, private, and academic institutions, in Mexico and bilaterally with China, ordinarily can facilitate long-range planning, rectify information gaps, and correct misunderstandings. But a dearth of such institutions has hindered the growth of Chinese outward foreign direct investment (COFDI) in Mexico and spurred negative reactions against it, further dampening Chinese investments.

The Political Economy of China's Contemporary Latin American Relations

Jean-Marc F. Blanchard

There is a relative dearth of research on China–Latin America political economic relations, especially where Chinese outward foreign direct investment (COFDI) is concerned. In my introductory article, I aim to enrich our knowledge about how external and internal political and economic factors interact to shape Sino–Latin American links.