MNCs in the News*

June 6th, 2014
Wal-Mart labor dispute enters potentially precedent setting arbitration phase. Chinese investment in Africa inspires US and Japan to make supportive moves for their companies. Chinese Food and Drug Administration declines production permits for more than 50 infant-formula makers in move seen as a response to foreign competition. Chinese agricultural and food firms sell stakes in select units to foreign investors. American technology firms attacked as agents of US government. Japan to establish arms procurement agency as Japan firms gird themselves to battle for weapons deals. Korean construction firms partner with the Korean government to build new successes abroad. Singapore court case inspires foreign investors to pay more attention to corporate ethnics and governance. Newmont declares force majeure to escape new Indonesia taxes and mining sector regulations.
June 1st, 2014
China hard on Mister Softee’s Windows 8. China loses WTO case relating to duties on vehicles with an engine of 2.5 liters or more. Tensions between China and Japan continue to affect adversely the prospects of Japanese businesses and goods with adequate “cover up.” State Grid to seek private capital for electric vehicle distributed charging systems. Chinese government ceasing ties between foreign consultants and state-owned enterprises. European companies in China worry that the good times are past. Japanese retailing firms are expanding production and operations in Bangladesh. India’s election of Narendra Modi excites Japanese firms about new investment and business operations in India. Indonesia moves to address Chevron’s concerns in order to win a $12 billion deep water-drilling project. Taiwanese government optimistic overseas investment targets will be met. Hong Kong firms weigh tradeoffs of investing in more costly southern-China versus politically riskier areas like Thailand and Vietnam.
May 28th, 2014
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang emphasizes that foreign companies in China receive same treatment as domestic firms. Build up to Putin’s visit to China sees China’s Great Wall announce deal for vehicle plant outside Moscow. US issues cyber-espionage charges against Chinese army officers, with alleged victims consisting mostly of foreign firms that had raised trade complaints against China. German firms go to lengths to protect information against Chinese government. Firms double their efforts to improve legal and regulatory compliance in China. Thailand’s political turmoil hits Japanese firms. Japan International Cooperation Agency moves to support Japanese firm efforts to tap into medical sector opportunities in Southeast Asia. South Korea moves to improve the investment environment in its free economic zones. US Department of Commerce imposes severe anti-dumping penalties on Taiwanese maker of non-electrical steel.
May 28th, 2014
GlaxoSmithKline bribery case turned over to Chinese prosecutors. Chinese wartime laborers and/or their descendants hopeful wartime compensation cases against Japanese firms will yield redress. Japanese firms suffer collateral damage from anti-China demonstrations in Vietnam. Anti-Chinese protests and riots in China affect more than 1,000 Taiwanese firms, potentially inflicting billions in damages. European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreements spurs Singapore’s business leaders to consider investment in Portugal and Switzerland. Indonesian ban on the export of raw materials expected to lead to major jump in nickel-processing plant investment in 2014. Vietnam and Myanmar explore ways to boost Vietnamese investment in Myanmar
May 11th, 2014
Chinese government takes measures to respond to foreign infant formula gains. Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency supports recruitment of Korean graduates by Japanese firms. Singapore-Taiwan partnership heats up after signing of an economic partnership agreement. Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund and other Singaporean funds take stake in online Brazilian sports good retailer. Indonesia mines for new profits as effects of raw ore export ban start to hit. Mongolia strives to resolve its license revocation problem and end differences with Rio Tinto.
May 11th, 2014
Microsoft to start selling game consoles in China. Month-long strike over benefits at Yue Yuen Industrial factory in southern China essentially ends. China National Petroleum Corporation enters into major joint venture with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. China and Japan find way to keep afloat their relations despite dispute over seizure of Japanese Mitsui ship. Sino-Japanese frictions fail to choke of Mitsubishi deal to sell pollution control equipment to China. Data show Singapore is a leader in political risk insurance. Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs investment incentive programs attract increase Taiwanese investment in Taiwan.
April 27th, 2014
High-end cognac producers face stresses from China’s crackdown on excess and the erotic sector. China’s urbanization policy drives multinational firms to reshape their product offerings. Chinese firms target Peruvian copper mines to get gold from the government’s investor-friendly policies. Chinese lobbyist group leader tells foreign car companies to do more to boost China’s indigenous R&D capabilities and auto exporting. Japan’s Mitsui finds its boat sails away due to Chinese court seizure decision. Foreign companies complain about the fairness of Korea’s Fair Trade Commission. Singaporean government programs for SMEs foster their outward investment. Singapore remains most attractive regional FDI destination for second year.
April 27th, 2014
Xi’an High-Tech Development Zone (HTDZ) spurs Johnson & Johnson subsidiary to build huge bio-pharmaceutical plant in Xi’an. Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang encourages Japanese business leaders to help improve China-Japan relations. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to export missile part to US. Chinese litigants file first wartime labor compensation and damages case against Chinese-based subsidiary of Japanese company. Queensland Province (Australia) charges Singaporean firm with environmental violations.
April 13th, 2014
Strikes continue at Walmart’s Changde store. Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi sells its Indian drug holding Ranbaxy due to large losses linked to regulatory problems. Philip Morris blows out of Australia due to increasing stringent tobacco product regulations. China Airlines and other Taiwan travel industry operators lobby China to allow third party transfers in Taiwan. Singapore government supports increased investment in China’s Shandong province.
April 12th, 2014
Rakuten removes whale meat ads in response to ICJ ruling. Japan modifies its arms export policies. Korea’s National Tax Service and Customs Service investigate MNC practices that may have cost Korea millions of won in customs duties. Russian companies turn to Asia-Pacific in the face of sanctions against Russia.