Wong MNC Center Bloggers

Dr. Blanchard is Executive Director of the Wong MNC Center and also Distinguished Professor, School of Advanced International and Area Studies, East China Normal University (Shanghai, China). He has co-... more

Dr. Manochehr Dorraj is a Professor of International Affairs at Texas Christian University, USA. He has written extensively on China-Middle East relations. His latest book is titled ... more

Ms. Finder is the Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the School of Transnational Law of Peking University (Shenzhen). She focuses her writing on the Chinese court system and regularly comments on the way its legislative framework and operation affect multinationals and foreign investors. She is best known for her blog, the Supreme People's... more

Mr. Naoyuki Haraoka, a Wong MNC Center Advisory Board Member, is Executive Managing Director, Japan Economic Foundation (Japan); former Chief Executive Director, JETRO-San Francisco; former METI Training Institute Director-... more

Jan Knoerich is Lecturer in the Economy of China at the Lau China Institute, King’s College London, United Kingdom. His research examines foreign direct investment and the activities of multinational enterprises, focusing in particular... more

Dr. Scott MacDonald, Senior Managing Director at KWR International and Adjunct Professor at the University of Connecticut. He is a co-author of Asia’s Rise in the 21st Century and When Small Countries Crash.

Dr. Moon currently is a professor in the Graduate School of International Studies at Seoul National University, where he previously served as the Dean. Dr. Moon currently is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of International Business and Economy and has published numerous articles and books... more

Dr. Amitendu Palit is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore. He is an economist specializing in international trade policy, regional frameworks and political economy. His latest book is Trans Pacific Partnership, China and India: Economic and Political Implications (Routledge... more