Wong MNC Center Executive Director Jean-Marc F. Blanchard interviewed by South China Morning Post

For a story on India that focused extensively on Sino-Indian economic relations especially those relations in the context of China's One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, Dr. Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, Executive Director of the Wong MNC Center, was interviewed by the South China Morning Post for his thoughts regarding Indian concerns about the scheme. Dr. Blanchard noted that “'The Indian security services are worried about the One Belt, One Road, particularly when it comes to China’s relationship with Pakistan, while the business world is concerned that the project will make it harder for them to compete with Chinese companies both in India itself and in third countries like Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.'” The interview appeared in Alun John, "Asia 'Not Turning on Itself,' Says State Bank of India Chief," South China Morning Post, March 5, 2017 (http://www.scmp.com/print/business/global-economy/article/2076217/asia-n...)