MNCs in the News*

May 11th, 2014
Chinese government takes measures to respond to foreign infant formula gains. Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency supports recruitment of Korean graduates by Japanese firms. Singapore-Taiwan partnership heats up after signing of an economic partnership agreement. Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund and other Singaporean funds take stake in online Brazilian sports good retailer. Indonesia mines for new profits as effects of raw ore export ban start to hit. Mongolia strives to resolve its license revocation problem and end differences with Rio Tinto.
May 11th, 2014
Microsoft to start selling game consoles in China. Month-long strike over benefits at Yue Yuen Industrial factory in southern China essentially ends. China National Petroleum Corporation enters into major joint venture with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. China and Japan find way to keep afloat their relations despite dispute over seizure of Japanese Mitsui ship. Sino-Japanese frictions fail to choke of Mitsubishi deal to sell pollution control equipment to China. Data show Singapore is a leader in political risk insurance. Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs investment incentive programs attract increase Taiwanese investment in Taiwan.
April 27th, 2014
High-end cognac producers face stresses from China’s crackdown on excess and the erotic sector. China’s urbanization policy drives multinational firms to reshape their product offerings. Chinese firms target Peruvian copper mines to get gold from the government’s investor-friendly policies. Chinese lobbyist group leader tells foreign car companies to do more to boost China’s indigenous R&D capabilities and auto exporting. Japan’s Mitsui finds its boat sails away due to Chinese court seizure decision. Foreign companies complain about the fairness of Korea’s Fair Trade Commission. Singaporean government programs for SMEs foster their outward investment. Singapore remains most attractive regional FDI destination for second year.
April 27th, 2014
Xi’an High-Tech Development Zone (HTDZ) spurs Johnson & Johnson subsidiary to build huge bio-pharmaceutical plant in Xi’an. Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang encourages Japanese business leaders to help improve China-Japan relations. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to export missile part to US. Chinese litigants file first wartime labor compensation and damages case against Chinese-based subsidiary of Japanese company. Queensland Province (Australia) charges Singaporean firm with environmental violations.
April 13th, 2014
Strikes continue at Walmart’s Changde store. Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi sells its Indian drug holding Ranbaxy due to large losses linked to regulatory problems. Philip Morris blows out of Australia due to increasing stringent tobacco product regulations. China Airlines and other Taiwan travel industry operators lobby China to allow third party transfers in Taiwan. Singapore government supports increased investment in China’s Shandong province.
April 12th, 2014
Rakuten removes whale meat ads in response to ICJ ruling. Japan modifies its arms export policies. Korea’s National Tax Service and Customs Service investigate MNC practices that may have cost Korea millions of won in customs duties. Russian companies turn to Asia-Pacific in the face of sanctions against Russia.
March 30th, 2014
Alcatel strikes major China mobile deal in tandem with President Xi’s visit to France. ACFTU backs striking Walmart workers. Toyota Motors (India) and Indian workers both lobby government to support their cause. Indonesia announces it will not renew around 70 bilateral investment treaties. Citic Pacific (Hong Kong) buys out its mainland parent.
March 30th, 2014
Chinese government supports Geely Holdings with $3+ billion loan. The positives and negatives of Chinese investment in Ugandan copper mines. Frustration levels of American firms in China increase. China court accepts first wartime laborer lawsuit. Japanese firm attacked on Chinese consumer protection broadcast. South Korean financial agencies investigate Chinese banks for currency investment activities. Korean anti-trust regulator acts to challenge cooperation among world’s largest container companies. Taiwanese steelmakers face first US anti-dumping investigation in twenty-seven years.
March 16th, 2014
Half of IBM’s striking Shenzhen workers will take severance packages rather than stay. Panasonic to give China worker air pollution hazard premium. Japan government to support insurance and medical companies abroad that target low-income families. Korean Finance Ministry to probe possible illegal activities of Korean banks in Japan. Korean government will partially lift sanctions for certain service sectors doing business with Iran. Singaporean central bank to bolster Yuan related financial services.
March 9th, 2014
Strikes take place at IBMs factory in Shenzhen. Huawei discloses shareholder information. Yasuda participates in Indonesian infrastructure project. South Korea touts opportunities for foreign financial firms. GM voices concern about rising labor costs in South Korea. Korea eases regulations on private equity M & A. Singaporean cooperation with Japanese firm boosts water reclamation