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The Importance of China’s Financial Internationalization for the China-UK Relationship

Economic relations between China and the UK have changed substantially since the last time a Chinese president visited Britain.

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“What the AIIB’s Focus on Asia and Infrastructure Means for Chinese Multinationals”

Take a look at the names of today’s well-established multilateral development banks. There are the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the Asian, Inter-American, Islamic and African Development Banks. Next to institutions with such a broad orientation towards “development” and “reconstruction,” the particular focus of the newly established Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) on one region and economic sector is atypical and unique.

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The Emerging International Policy Differentiation against Chinese State-Owned Enterprises

One major aspect setting Chinese multinational corporations apart from other MNCs is the high proportion of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Despite concerns about potential competitive distortions, national security threats, and undesired corporate behavior associated with state ownership, disagreements about the extent of the difference between state-owned and private firms have left unclear how host countries should treat state-owned foreign investors.